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Employment is key to economic stability and financial security.

LEP Employment Services

MSM provides comprehensive and inclusive employment services that consistently and effectively meets the needs of businesses and job seekers, being aware of the particularities of our limited English proficient clients.


MSM works with many area employers to recruit reliable workers and custom design workplace training programs. Employers interested in starting training programs at their worksite should contact MSM at (253) 584-5615 or

Job Seekers
Clients are assessed to determine factors that prevent them from being active participants in the work force, and every barrier is addressed through education, trainings, referrals, and/or work experience.

MSM provides formal instruction or one-on-one assistance in:

  • Industry-specific, customized, vocational English-as-a-Second Language instruction;

  • Job readiness and job retention workshops;

  • Job search and placement assistance;

  • Resume development assistance that highlight clients' vocational skills and interests;

  • Employment interview preparation assistance;

  • Accompany our clients to interviews, if appropriate;

  • Understanding workplace safety and rules; and

  • Qualities of an effective worker and employee rights.

MSM also provides assistance to those recently unemployed, including:
  • How to file for unemployment insurance;

  • Referral for financial assistance and health insurance;

  • Displaced worker retaining; and

  • Other resources, as needed.

Youth Employment Program
MSM provides integrated services that are focused on preparing young adults to improve their inter-personal skills to successfully transition to the workforce. The program targets young adults ages 14 to 21 years old that are both in-school and out-of-school, with priority given to those with limited English capabilities.

The Youth Employment Program is designed to assist young adults:
  • Gain basic life skills, which may include basic math, reading, English, and social skills;

  • Prepare for the workplace upon completion of high school, including job search and placement assistance, resume development assistance, work ethics and expectations, pre-employment experience, basic computer skills, and leadership

  • Develop occupational skills that would lead to permanent placement and/or advancement in the workplace, including work experience, on-site job training, and apprentice program; and

  • Receive additional supportive services as needed which may include tutoring, mentoring, GED prep, ESL instruction, mental health counseling, drug and alcohol cession, internship, job shadowing, transportation, and more.

To find out more about the program, eligibility requirements, or to enroll in a course, please contact MSM.

Pre-Apprentice Program

As much as we wish that all young adults continue their education beyond high school, we have to face the reality that post-secondary education may not be in the immediate or long-term future goals of some young adults. MSM, therefore, offers another form of post-secondary education, "Pre-Apprentice Program", which:
  • would prepare young adults for the work environment upon completion of high school, and

  • would give young adults an opportunity to enter into a vocational profession that would lead to a career with living wage and economic security.

Pre-apprentice program is also ideal for immigrants and refugees with limited English proficiency who are interested in entering a vocational career or trade.

MSM provides industry training consisting of:
  • Employability;

  • Industrial Safety; Physical Strength and Aptitude;

  • Trades Math;

  • Construction Introduction and Overview; and

  • Basic First-Aid.

MSM complements the training with:
  • Vocational ESL so that those who are not proficient in English may learn sufficient English and industry terminologies to communicate appropriately in their profession;

  • Case management and assistance so that participants may receive the necessary supportive services for their successful completion in the program, such as transportation, childcare, and financial literacy; and

  • Job and apprenticeship placement, as well as retention service once placed in a job or apprenticeship program.

To learn more about the program, eligibility requirements, or to enroll in a course, please contact MSM.

Computer Literacy

MSM recognizes that technology is a crucial to securing a livable wage job. More and more jobs require computer literacy and, in the ever-changing technology driven society, it will be expected that every employee from assembly line worker to a manager/supervisor will be expected to know and to use a computer. Additionally, the knowledge and skills gained may further an employee's chances of getting a promotion or help qualify for a new position, leading to wage progression opportunities.

MSM offers basic computer literacy course in:
  • How to use a computer

  • Microsoft Word and Excel software

  • Use of e-mail; and

  • How to navigate the internet.

The course is thought by a highly-skilled instructor with over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. The course is offered once a quarter. To find out when the next course is offered, eligibility requirements, or to enroll for a course, please contact MSM.

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